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Monday, January 08, 2007
  72 Degrees in January?

I showed up at the DC Rand 200Km Brevet in Woodbine, MD a little late and most of the parking spaces were taken (there was a ton of people), so I parked on the grass. I got about 4 feet into the grass when my front end dropped into a ditch left by a truck tire, but I figured I'd worry about that when I got back (hopefully the ground would dry out a bit). The roads were damp, but the forecast was for highs in the low 70's.

I spent most of the day worrying that my rear tire would go flat because I had failed to swap out my rear wheel before the ride. After the rubber is too worn to be used on the road, I use it on the trainer and this tire had been retired awhile ago and had spent a long time on the trainer. Worrying is stupid and a waste of energy, but I did it anyway. So, I felt even dumber when Paul broke a crankarm and still found a way to finish the ride.

I brought my camcorder out and got some decent footage. The guy on the carbon fiber Cobrabike recumbent is Drew. And yes, he did say that the mobile attached to Max's crib has flying monkeys that spin down towards him. Yes, This is the same guy who let a random goat loose in his house.

This was just before New Windsor. I met up with Nick and George just before Gettysburg. Then I caught the leaders coming back from Dillsburg and that's Jeff a couple minutes behind them. Finally, I got a few more DC Randonneurs at the turn around in Dillsburg before I put the camera away.

It was a long hard, lonely slog back to the park & ride in Woodbine. When I got there, I had to rock the Cavalier out of the muddy ditch but no worries.


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Hey Lou, what a great video. I hope you bring your camera to the other rides. Bill
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