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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
  How To Lose Weight Over The Holidays.

One Word: Gastroenteritis...Or as I like to call it GastroInterruptus. We think the kids picked it up at the Dulles Mall Totland. Thursday night Q would vomit, we'd get her cleaned up and back to bed and then 15 to 30 minutes later RJ would blow. We'd get him cleaned up and back to bed and then 15 to 30 minutes later Q would blow. AD NAUSEUM.

They both seemed better Friday afternoon, so we figured it was a 24 hour bug. They were still fine Saturday, so we decided to go ahead with our plans to drive up to Jersey to see the family. We got to mile marker 103 on I-95 when RJ blew chunks all over the back seat and Mommy. The fun started when we hit heavy traffic another mile down the road and the closest exit was 5 miles down the road. Truck stops have everything, including towels, oxi-clean for upholstery, and paper towels. But RJ wasn't done yet: Diarrhea. Clean up. Vomit. Clean Up. Diarrhea. Cleanup. Vomit. Clean Up - all at exit 109. We finally made it to my parents house after 7 hours on the road.

On Sunday, RJ was still sick, so we took him to the ER to get an IV. On the way home from the hospital, I got nauseus and spent the night vomiting. I spent Christmas day vomiting. I wasn't having the worst Christmas ever, that honor would have to go to my dad's Cockatiel, Elmo. He's PININ' for the FJORDS now. From what I understand, my sister's dog CALA knocked the cage off the stand and the bird got out. Elmo's wings aren't clipped and he's a capable flyer, so he must have been stunned when the cage went down. The bird had been staying at my Grandfather's house, so both he and my father were real upset.

On Tuesday, my dad got sick. I know he was sick because he came home from work after just two hours. That has never happened before.

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