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Monday, November 20, 2006
  You'd Better Start Swimming Or You'll Sink Like A Stone

My parents invited us down to Chincoteague for the weekend. The hotel had a "quasi-"indoor pool, so my dad and I took the little ones for a swim...RJ was fearlessly jumping into the water, and even jumping away from us as we waited to catch him. He kept wanting us to bring him out to the ladder at the deep end, so we did, he would climb up and sprint down to the shallow end and then jump in again - no amount of yelling 'slow down' works when he's that excited and forget about the stop or wait command before jumping in, we were speaking Swahili as far as he was concerned. So, he's got the swimming motions down for the dog paddle, he just doesn't do it frequently enough to keep himself up.

My dad stepped out of the pool to sit with my mom. I brought RJ to the ladder, he climbed up and then sprinted for the shallow end, so I went into my best freestyle stroke to catch up. I got two strokes down the pool when I heard a splash, I immediately surfaced and spun towards the sound. By the time I was facing the bubbling water, my father was already breaking the surface with RJ in his arms. RJ ran a post pattern, jumped in, and went straight to the bottom. Once up, we got him out of the pool and he was shocked for about 10 seconds before he was back jumping into the water. The kid definitely needs private swim lessons.

The Best Part Of The Weekend

ABL (da wife) and I rented a tandem, it was a fat tired (sand tires with low pressure), laid back (beach cruiser), flexible monstrosity, and we loved every minute of it. We were out for an hour and I didn't once worry that I left her behind, she was happy with my cadence, and I could stand and pedal even when she stayed seated. She liked the speed...in moderation, she only told me to slow down twice; although, I think she'd flip-out if I was bombing down a hill at Chuck & Crista speed (or Ed & Mary or Steve & Lin speed). Most importantly, we could talk the whole time.

We'll probably get a tandem in the spring and she only put one condition on a purchase - she would not do tandem RAAM...

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