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Monday, October 30, 2006
  I Feel The Need For Speed

I'm building my plan for next year. I start by putting events on the Calendar. The Race Across America is June 10th, Bike Sebring is Feb. 17th, Various DC Randonneur Brevets, A PACTour Arizona camp I want to go to and a PACTour Brevet week that I am signed up for, and finally The Katie Ride For Life.

I then fit my recovery weeks into the schedule, approximately every 4th week. This year I've added strength training, so I've put Coach Friel's terms for the weight training periods on the Calendar. I am going to do another 3 weeks of Anatomical Adaptation phase, Coach Friel describes these as high rep, low weight to get the body ready for training. Then after a recovery week, I'll add two weeks of Maximum Transition, which uses a weight that only allow 15 reps. Another recovery week, then three weeks of Maximum Strength which uses a weight that only allows 3 to 6 reps per set.

I'll be moving into the Base Phase soon, which means lots of aerobic miles on the bike. My next step will be to put the cycling interval types (Cruise intervals below LT, Lactate Threshold Intervals, and VO2 Max intervals) on the calendar. I will be making a more concerted effort to complete specific intervals during the 2007 season. The intervals will build my speed, speed I desperately need to complete RAAM.

My goal for Sebring will be to cruise around at a cadence above 90 and heart rate just below my lactate threshold and to stay on the bike for the entire 24 hours. High mileage (400+) would be a bonus or side-effect, but not a requirement, I'm focused on RAAM.


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