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Sunday, October 22, 2006
  Cool...Not Cool

I took the kids and the wife for a bike ride on Saturday. We meanderd around Reston and I wanted to eventually head down to the Cross County Trail (CCT). I had heard that the trail was complete from Occoquan to Great Falls, but its mostly singletrack just off the WOD. I'm giving a shout out to Vance who yelled out "Faster" as he passed us on our way to Performance Bike. Although its really hard to hear what people say when they scream out a window, that was cool. Adrienne was riding a bit wonky at the time, so I was worried about upsetting other drivers. Vance and I chatted a bit at Performance.

Back on the trail we had to stop at McD's on Wiehle to feed the kids and Adrienne. Pulling the kids in the trailer is a great workout, but there are constant interruptions and you can't be out long or they get antsy...Then we headed over to the CCT to see what it was like. Northbound quickly became singletrack, so I eventually had to turn the bike around. I definitely need to get a mountain bike.

Southbound on the CCT was a bit better, the trail was hardpacked and wide enough for the trailer to get through without a problem. The bridge was out along the way, so we stayed on a smaller trail and it eventually caught up with Hunter Station Road. There's a pretty decent climb there, so I convinced Adrienne to go up it. We then made a bee-line for the trail, then we rolled into Herndon and got some Bread at Great Harvest Bread Co. The kids love stopping there.

On the last stretch of road before our development, some guy in a pickup truck yelled out "Road Kill" as he passed. Not cool, especially with our kids in tow.


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