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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  This Is Going To Be Awesome

I dropped off Q at her preschool, and we were a sight, sitting in line with all the SUV's and Vans pouring out exhaust as we waited to reach the "Carpool" area. The teachers and staff take the kids out of the cars and escort them to their classrooms. Then I pulled RJ up to the Washington Sports Club and dumped him in baby-sitting. He was not happy to see me leave, but I got an hour workout in with a personal trainer. I checked in on him occasionally and he seemed fine. The first time, he was sitting in the baby-sitter's lap when I came by; the second time he was standing in the middle of the area looking around; and when I came to get him out he was quietly doing a puzzle with the baby-sitter.

Then we got back in the bike and headed down to the preschool. We were early, so I took my time. The timing is awesome and I think this is going to work out great. Again we were in line, but Q's teacher told me I should just pull up to the handicapped parking in the future and they would bring her out of or take her in to class. The director was concerned about the kids in the trailer with all that exhaust swirling around.

My first thought this morning was that I might inspire one or two of the other families to ride their bikes; after all, they are all within riding distance. I'll check the directory, but I'm pretty sure they are all within 4 miles of the school. I don't mean to be holier than thou, but we as a country can't afford to waste fuel like that. I think its patriotic to run errands with a bicycle. Maybe we should update the Uncle Sam "I want you" posters.


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