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Sunday, July 16, 2006
  Dance Class

I took Q to her new Dance class in the trailer. I was having a rough day, my rear tire was flat when I brought the kids out to the garage, RJ had a poopy diaper, and though I didn't know how long it would take to get to The Little Gym in Cascades, I was pretty sure we were running late. I fixed the flat and we rode out, there's one big hill on Cascades Parkway and we climbed it well and cruised down the other side. We made it to the gym with minutes to spare, so I got Q inside and then changed RJ's diaper. A woman dropping off her kids, said that she passed me on the climb, but I beat her to the gym, was I fast or did I know a shortcut?

On our way home, A man in a U-Haul pulled along side and told me that it was too hot for the kids. I told him that the front had a screen and the kids had a nice breeze. He said it was still too hot. What do you say to that? Get lost? Why does he think he knows more than me? 1) The kids had full water cups. 2) If we were home, they would be playing in this heat, not sitting in a trailer with a breeze blowing over them. 3) We were on a short trip. 4) the air conditioner in my car is busted and it is hotter in the car than the trailer. Not five minutes later, I got another flat in my rear tire.

Later in the day, Adrienne called to let me know she was going to be late and I should feed the kids. The day was getting worse and worse. So I put the kids in the car and got McD's for dinner and when I got home, lo and behold the cat that had been roaming the neighborhood was sitting at my new neighbor's house and my neighbor was unloading her car. I stormed down to her house to read her the riot act about the cat. When I got there, I was physically disgusted by her. She is obese. Wow she's big. She said that she had seen cats roaming the neighborhood and she thought that meant it was ok for her to let her cat out. I'm guessing that letting her cat roam is just laziness. In Fairfax county its against the law for Dogs and CATS to be off leash. I hate cats and I hate pet waste on my lawn. She said she would keep the cat indoors, but I've seen it out since then. From now on she's the "fat lady down the street".


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