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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
  Richmond Roundabout

Friday, I attempted to ride down to Ashland, VA for the Richmond Roundabout. I left at 7 pm and fell in a construction zone somewhere around 8:30 pm which gouged a hole in my finger, bruised my shoulder, and my left knee. Then around 9:30 the road I was on suddenly turned into a washboard (dirt and gravel). By 10:00pm I was mising a road...I was there, the road wasn't, Thanks Microsoft Streets and Trips...Around 10:30, I stopped for directions and found an alternate route to Dumfries. I don't know what I was thinking when I planned the route, but when I got on Rte 1, I realized it would be suicide to try to ride it for 65 miles. I called Adrienne for a SAG, while her brother came over and watched the kids. Next year, I'll take the longer route to the west of 95.

We got home at 1:30 and I slept from 2am to 3am then drove down to Ashland for the Richmond Roundabout. Twenty riders showed up for this one. The weather turned out to be beautiful, sunny and near 70 degrees, although there was a fair bit of wind. There were There was approximately 5800 feet of climbing in 176 miles, which is relatively flat. We had two lunch stops, both at Subways. We left somewhere near 5:30am and I rolled back into the parking lot at 7pm.

Sunday was supposed to be a mellow ride, but about 30 miles into the ride I was feeling pretty good, so the pace was quite high. We had left that morning around 9am and were back at 5pm. It was another beautiful day with a tad bit of wind. I had some seat contact issues in the last half of this ride, that I'll need to solve before RAAM. We all went out to dinner afterwards (me, Chuck/Crista, steve/lynn, leslie, chris). Total was 106 miles with roughly 3000 feet of climbing.


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