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Sunday, March 12, 2006
  My Equipment has been taking a beating

My equipment has really been suffering with all this mileage. To recap, On January 1st, my Mavic Open Pro busted a spoke and then ate rear the derailleur. I finally rebuilt the wheel with brand spankin new spokes last weekend when my parents were down for a visit. I went with 2 mm spokes versus the 1.6 mm that were on there to increase the durability of the wheel I like to do all my training on. She's a bit heavy, but I expect that in a training wheel. Then last weekend, 30 miles into the century, my front derailleur cable snaps leaving me with only the small chain ring in the front. I told myself at Sebring that I needed to do more high cadence work. By the end of the century, my HED Aerobars started squeaking, which I'm guessing is a bad sign.

I have the old handlebar set up, so I pulled a cable off of it to replace the one that snapped. I was hoping the cables would last a bit longer so I could get them replaced closer to RAAM.

Last but not least, I've been procrastinating on putting the new derailleur on the Litespeed. I'll need to make sure the hanger isn't bent and that'll definitely need a new cable...I just hope the frames hold up until RAAM. I've been considering buying a titan flex, but I'm running short of cash. I'm picking up the tab for RAAM so all funds donated to the Give Life Foundation can go to the Give Life Foundation. If you haven't donated yet, please visit The Transplant Athlete Website and make a donation. Thanks.


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