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Monday, December 12, 2005
  Cobb Island Century

Yesterday's cetury was nice and flat. We left La Plata a little after 8am and wound our way down to Cobb Island, did a loop of the island and then headed back to La Plata. It was cold, but not freeze your waterbottle cold. I tend to just follow other riders so I don't have to mess with my cue sheet, and I followed Chris right past the first rest stop, then about 8 miles down the road I was dropped by Chris. I stopped to take off a layer of clothes and a few miles down the road the two of the tandems caught up to me and we caught Mike, and then we caught Chris about 55 miles into the ride. Chris blew past lunch, I stopped long enough to get half a powerbar down and Jeff stopped long enough to say hi to everybody at lunch.

Cobb Island was a nice little place, but its in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't help reflecting on my previous addresses. I've lived on Lake Hopatcong and Lake Lenape in New Jersey. I went to college in Hoboken alongside the Hudson River. I'm not even sure where the nearest body of water is that I'm legally allowed to swim in down here. Fairfax County has some rule about swimming in open bodies of water. I miss living on the water. Sailing, Swimming, the peaceful lap lap lap of water on a dock.

On my way back, I passed Ed and Mary about a mile away from Lunch. I paused to buy some water around 80 miles into the ride and Jeff caught up to me. We rode together most of the way back, but I started cramping and bonking and couldn't keep up. But I caught up to him again around the 95 mile mark when he missed a turn.

Chris was sitting in his car waiting for the group. Crista's group usually spends about an hour at lunch and then goes out to dinner after the ride. Right around 7 hours for 101 miles.


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