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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Weekly Training Regimen

With Gas Prices as high as they are, I've been using my bike with the PowerCranks to run most of my errands around town. I've been taking my daughter, Q, with me in her trailer and I've been keeping it in the big chain ring. Most of our trips have been short jaunts to grocery stores in the area. So, I've been averaging around 3 hours per week of incredibly intense workouts.

Yesterday was my weekly total in one ride. We rode from home in Herndon to Evolution Health & Fitness in Vienna. I don't usually have a problem when I'm passed on the trail, between the PowerCranks and the Parachute (I mean Trailer) I'm just struggling to get to my destination. I pulled up to a particularly bad intersection and a guy in full USPS kit passed me and blew through the intersection. I had to wait for some traffic and then I got my little choo-choo train rolling and a guy on a hybrid passed me. When I got up to speed, I found the hybrid guy was getting held up by the USPS kit guy. I followed for a little while and then attempted to pass them. The Hybrid guy let me pass, but the USPS kit guy got out of the saddle and picked up the pace. I was able to get out in front, but I had pushed pretty hard to get around him and he passed me a short time later. I didn't see hybrid guy again until I stopped at Evolution. Dude, you got smoked by a guy pulling a trailer.

Q had her lunch in Vienna and then we started home. On the way, I turned north on 7100 and then took a left on Wiehle and immediately jumped on a trail running parallel to Wiehle. We found a little playground and I let Q play for about 15 minutes. Then I spent about an hour working my way through the trails back there trying to find my way out. If I had stuck to the roads, I would have been home in 15 minutes. Several times, we crossed a stream that meandered through the area and while I know Q was enjoying herself, her patience was wearing thin. By the time we found our way out and found ourselves on Dranesville road, I could hear her asking, "Where's Mommy and Baby?"

That's my training secret in a nutshell, PowerCranks, Big Gears, and a trailer with a 32 pound toddler and sometimes 50 pounds of groceries.

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