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Sunday, August 28, 2005

When I completed the Race Across America, I weighed roughly the same as I did at the start. I thought I had done well, replacing lost calories along the route. I have been having trouble with my blood pressure and in searching for a solution, I read on the internet that excess fluid could cause High Blood Pressure. The recommended fluid intake is 8 glasses (8 ounces / glass) of water or juice per day. I had been pretty lax about monitoring my fluid intake, so I broke out the little measuring cups the hospital had given me to help with monitoring. After a day or so of the proper fluid intake, my blood pressure didn't drop, but my weight did, by 4 pounds. I was drinking and carrying around an extra half gallon of fluid inside me.

Did the lower fluid intake contribute to todays crampfest? I don't know. I rode the Reston Century today, its a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. I got about 30 miles into the ride and started cramping heavily. I took a couple of Endurolytes and would be cramp free for about 30 minutes. I went through a dozen Endurolytes in an 8 hour ride, I rarely used more than 6 on any century previously this year. The temperatures today were actually cooler than most of the riding I've been doing this summer. I was trying to keep up with Chuck and Crista on the tandem, but I've also been doing that on all the other rides. The rest stops today had the greenest bananas I've ever seen. I tried cracking one open and the outer layer of skin just peeled away from the inner layer. It was kind of like trying to peel celery. The banana itself was hard and chalky. I couldn't stomach it.

In the end, I logged 113 miles which included the 4 mile ride to the start and then 4 miles home afterwards.


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