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Friday, July 22, 2005

First step: China will stop pegging yuan to dollar
On Thursday, China's Central Bank announced they would stop pegging the yuan to the dollar, letting the yuan rise 2.1% and letting it float 0.3% per day. Treasury Secretary John Snow had this to say, "They've put in place a mechanism that provides room for significant movement over time in the currency, and they've expressed a commitment to using market forces to let the currency move..." I think the important term here is "Market Forces".

Chemo may avoid castration for testicle cancer
Researchers have determined that one dose of chemotherapy is as effective as several weeks of radiation. The 5 year "cancer free" rates were within 1 percentage point of each other, and the chemotherapy patients were less likely to develop new tumors on the remaining testicle. They theorized that if the cancer was caught early enough, then removal of a testicle could be avoided, they haven't proved this, nor have they studied it yet, its still just a theory. Early detection has always been the key. While this disease is generally rare, it does attack men between the ages of 19 and 39. Lance Armstrong is the most famous victim of Testicular Cancer; however, he waited a long time before he sought treatment, and by then, the cancer had spread to his lungs and brain.

The Transplant Athlete Returns from World Transplant Games with Bronze medal
Following advice I received several years ago from Joe Althoff, I warmed up for a long time before the 20k Road Race. A good warm up was needed to make sure that I could get out in front for the first turn which came a couple hundred feet from the start line. If I got caught behind there, it would be tougher to catch the front of the group. A small group of us got off the front early on. There were 5 people in my age group and 4 or 5 people from the 16 - 29 age group. The pace was kept wickedly high by Soeren Hermansen of Denmark in my age group and Erlend Gjerde - Norway in the younger age group. There was one rider #294 (Alberto Hernandez from Spain), who beat me by 6 seconds in the time trial, who was all over the road. He cut across the road and caught somebody's front wheel with his rear wheel, he bumped into riders on either side of him, including Scotty Miller from Australia, Austin Magruder from the USA, and several others. I went shoulder to shoulder with him at one point and briefly considered pushing him off the road. He was really dangerous.

Fortunately, Hernandez couldn't handle the pace and was the first to drop off leaving me with Krimbacher from Austria, Hermansen from Denmark, and Recoules from France. With 4 people in my age group in the break, I figured I had a good chance to sprint it out for the finish to at least take a bronze. Then, two laps later, Recoules dropped off on a climb and I knew I had a bronze locked in. With three laps to go, Hermansen attacked on the high side of the course near the start/finish line and I was the only one who was able to stay with him. On the downhill, I kept drafting him, if I had come to the front and pulled, I might have had a shot at silver. I was really on the rivet and didn't know if I had enough to keep the break going. If we got caught and then Krimbacher attacked, I would be shelled off the back. I opted to stay in Hermansen's draft and we got caught. One lap later, Krimbacher attacked, then Hermansen attacked. I crested the hill right behind the group, but the pace stayed high and a gap formed. I tried to chase it down, but was unsuccessful. At that point I realized I just had to stay away long enough to reach the finish line to claim my bronze. I figured Recoules was back there somewhere and I was worried he might jump on a paceline from the group that started a minute after us. So, I kept the pace high and kept looking back to see how much of a gap I had on them.

Until the final straight, at which point, I sat up and raised my arms to the air to enjoy winning my bronze medal. Yes, I did feel like Dave Stollar winning the Little 500. Music is playing in my head. The crowd is cheering. It was cool.

Here is a picture of Hermansen in front, me in second position. This is off of the Transweb.org site.

Afterwards, I went up to Soeren and said, "you did a great job, you really kept the pace high." he replied, "Yeah, there were a couple people just hanging on..." I said, "Sorry about that, that was me."


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Hey Lance, sorry Lou! Your a real inspration, congradulations on the bronze....Terri aka Peach 4 Gold!
Hi! Your vivid description made me remember things from the race which I had forgotten. As I stayed in front and pulled most of the time, I didn't see what went on in the rest of the field. When there were two laps left, I increased the speed. I had totally forgotten that my age group started together with the seniors (your group), so I was competing with everyone. The last time we came in the uphill I gave everything I had and hoped to get rid of everyone. Then Hermansen came up on my side, and I started sprinting against him. I increased the speed and passed him. Krimbacher was on my tail and I exptected him to try to pass me, but I had a little extra left in case he'd do that. I was really confused when he didn't, so I crossed the finishing line being confused instead of feeling like a winner.

Anyway, I got seriously injured in a mountainbike race this september, so I'm not quite sure whether I'll go to the next WTG in Thailand. Maybe you'll drop me a line? erlend_gjerde@hotmail.com
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