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Friday, July 01, 2005
  Game On

Did I mention I got carded buying Playboy at the Dulles Airport…I must have repeated myself three times, “You’re carding me for Playboy?” First of all, its Playboy people, not a bottle of Absolut, or a pack of Marlboros, or even Naughty Asian Sluts. Do they even have nude layouts in Playboy anymore, I think MAXIM is probably more hardcore than Playboy is these days. Second, while this is tuff for me to admit, I don’t look 17. And Finally to set the record straight, Yes, I did buy this for the Lance Article.
A big thanks goes out to Ye Olde Bike Shop on University Ave near La Mesa. They hooked us up with some small parts we couldn’t find at other bike shops and they even handed over a slightly used front derailleur that is working out great on our backup bike.
The race organizers are only letting 1 person per team ride on the parade route, a 13 mile stretch through the streets of San Diego ending at a Jack In The Box. I will be representing Team Give Life, riding with Team Donate Life, and a few other transplant athletes that have gotten permission to join us for the parade route. Bruce will take over at the Jack In The Box.
Gentleman Start your Engines:
The start line was packed with riders and spectators, the riders were chomping at the bit to get going and I’m sure the spectators were wondering what we were thinking riding our bikes across the country. We rode along the parade route at a leisurely pace. A rider got a flat within the first half mile or so. Another rider turned to me and said, “that’s kind of a bad omen.” I looked up and said, “Not as bad as you think, we’re right in front of Dirty Dan’s Topless Bar.”
I chatted with a guy who’s father started the Saturn National Donor Days. I also rode with Jason from Team Donate Life. The weather is spectacular and the parade route was relatively flat up to the Official Race Start. Bruce took over according to plan and I jumped into the Jet Truck. Chris and Xuan (Swan) shuttled me up to Time Station 2. We stopped near El Centro to use a rest stop. When my buddy Bill Wohl told me that if I wanted to get acclimated to the heat I should stick my head in a pizza oven, I thought he was just making a joke, until that rest stop. ohmigod, its hot.

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Congrats to you and your team on a successful RAAM! What an awesome accomplishment. I see you caught and passed C Mac around the Appalacians. Great job. I'm off to Saratoga for the 24 next weekend.

i would like to get some trip with jason Goyanko pls let me know:

bye Anthony
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