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Monday, June 06, 2005
  World Transplant Games Federation

I have completed most of the paperwork required for the World Transplant Games in London Ontario this July.
  • They want proof that my health insurance covers me outside the US. So, I'm sending the handbook I received with my card. The last time I went through this exercise, my insurance company was a bit dumbfounded - "Of course you're covered in emergency situations"
  • There is the Team USA registration form, which is nothing more than a liability waiver. You can't sue us if you want to participate.
  • There is the travel insurance waiver. Which I'm guessing was an attempt to scare us into buying travel insurance through their affiliate. I can't even begin to tell you how much this form pissed me off.
  • The Athlete Questionnaire - which doesn't really cover anything important and doesn't really have enough space to provide anything important.
  • There is the 2005 World Transplant Games Participant Waiver and Release of Liability. AGAIN. We were required to waive our rights when we registered, but apparently we have to sign our rights away again. How many times do we have to waive our rights? And if we are waiving our rights, why is there so much paperwork? I swear I had less paperwork to fill out when I had my kidney transplant.
  • Then there is the required travel information form, which includes emergency contact information and requests proof of insurance. Maybe its just me, but shouldn't that info be on the medical forms. PS I'M DRIVING...
  • Which brings us to the medical forms. Which comes in three flavors. There is the "Statement by Participant" which asks how often I exercise per week and how many minutes. It asks what sports I do for leisure, and what sports competitively: Scrabble, Twister, Frisbee, Rambling. Competitive level: Bite Me. I figure if that's not competitive I don't know what is. The next two forms are for the doctors to fill out. They strongly suggest a stress test be performed, but I'm not buying that.

Dear World Transplant Games Federation,
Bite Me!
Lou Lamoureux


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Hey Lou,

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on RAAM and the rest of your endeavors. Oue pathes crossed a few times at Sebring. I was in the 24hr RAAM division doing my first ultra effort. Weren't you in your UoM kit with a rear disc on the grand loop? I believe I saw you before I was going into the turn around then again on the way out (you didn't stop). We chatted a bit about nothing, actually I think we spoke about the wind. I eventually pulled out just after midnight with hypothermia. I'd only brought one set of cold weather clothes and once they were soaked I just couldn't get warm. I'll know better for next time.
Again best of luck at RAAM.

JohnB Va. Bch.
Thanks for the comment. That was me in the UoM team kit and a rear disc. In keeping with the Maryland mascot, I like to take as little time as possible at rest stops, the temptation to stand around is too great. On a flat course like that, there's no weight penalty for carrying enough water for a century. Last year I showed up at the National 24 hour Challenge without enough cold weather gear. Ask around next time if you're short on something. People are usually glad to help.
Thanks for your best wishes.

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