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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
  World Transplant Games

I have a bone to pick with the World Transplant Games.
First of all, they are expensive. They cost roughly $1200 to enter, this includes food, lodging and athletic events for 6 or 7 days. That also includes a $150 fee to the National Kidney Foundation for uniforms and team clothing and in my case a $50 processing fee to pay by credit card.

Then there are the Medical forms. They recommend an ECG and other tests which should be performed by a primary care physician. They require me to see my specialist, get him to examine me,and then get him to sign a form. They also require that my transplant surgeon examine me and sign a form saying I'm healthy enough to compete without undue risk. Not so bad, I visit my specialist every three months, my transplant surgeon once per year, and my primary physician whenever I'm sick.
No. Thank you for playing, here are some nice parting gifts. They have a specific 3 week window in which to get the forms signed. You can't have the forms signed before May 16th or they will be rejected and if they are not in by June 9th you can't compete. The obvious thing to do is to bring the forms into the doctors and have them post date them, but I'm thinking of forging my doctors notes this year. We sign releases. Why do they need so many doctor's to say that we are fit? WHY???

I wish that was it, but they also want a signed statement detailing our regular training plan. Now, technically, anyone with a life-saving organ transplant can sign up for the World Games, but the expectation is that we "qualified" for our National team. I know what my regular training plan is going to say, "I ride my bike occasionally"


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