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Sunday, March 20, 2005
  Compex Units

We just got the Compex muscle stimulators in our catalogue. I have a unit which I'm testing now. OK, so it sounds to good to be true. Sit on the couch and build muscle while you watch TV, sounds a bit to much like body toning tables to me or those incredible AB Belts you see on laten night infomercials. You may remember the toner table craze in the late 80's when shops were opening up all over America. You sit on a table that moves your limbs for you and you lose weight.
So, before we decided to take on this product, I did some research. While I found several studies and warnings about EMS units, they were all referencing the cheapo units you see on late night TV. These units were pulled by the FDA and FTC. The Compex unit has been approved by the FDA and the study by researchers in Wisconsin (by the way, check out the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine- they have a ton of research). The researchers used another product by Compex which increased abdominal strength by 58% and abdominal endurance increased by 72% over an 8 week period. Here's the bottom line "NMES, as used in the current study, resulted in significant improvements in the muscular strength and endurance of the abdominal region, as well as subject’s perceived shape and satisfaction of the midsection."
SO anyway, I went on a 155 mile ride yesterday and my legs were sore afterwards, so I used the Compex unit's "active recovery program," which is supposed to have benefits similar to a massage. Let me tell you, I think its better than a massage. After the stimulation, my legs felt pretty good.
Stay tuned, I will be using the Compex unit as an integral part of my training for the Race Across AMerica.

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