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Sunday, December 19, 2004
  Century Ride

I rode a century yesterday organized by Crista Borras. The ride start was in Hyattstown, MD at 7am and the mercury was in the low 20s.

I started drinking from my water bottle, but it turned into a slurpee. I tried my Camelback, but the hose was frozen. I shoved the hose down the inside of my shirt.

When I got to the rest stop at 25 miles, I looked inside my water bottle and there was a half inch of ice around the inside of the bottle. I stepped into the porta-potty and before I could pull down my shorts I felt a waterfall down my front. It turned out the ice in the camelback hose had pushed the little lever out enough that it was letting a flood of water out and once it melted it let the water flow. The last thing you want to happen in 20 degree weather is to get soaked, but it turned out I had enough layers on that I didn't really feel the wetness.

Lunch was a sit-down affair at a restaurant. This was a bit unusual, spending an hour at a restaurant in the middle of a century, C'est la vie.

Cold weather tip of the day: Blow the water back into the Camelback to keep it from freezing when you leave the car, don't think that it can wait 15 minutes. Also, blow the water back in everytime you take a drink.

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