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Monday, May 10, 2004


I had a great weekend. I had to be in DC on Saturday, 5335 Wisconsin Ave NW. There was a meeting at the NKF office about the Transplant Games. I rode in using the W&OD Trail, then the Custis trail, crossed over the Potomac, rode through Georgetown and then up Wisconsin. When I left in the morning, I thought it was supposed to be overcast all day, but the weather picked up after the meeting. My computer is on the fritz, so I'm guessing it was somewhere around 25 - 30 miles each way. I stopped into Bonzai on the way home to pick up a store key. Walter S. was there picking up his Softride Qualifier, so I waited around for Gordon to complete the fitting and finish the paperwork and then I rode with Walter back towards Herndon. I was on my Softride Rocket, so Walter was asking questions about my trip across the country (I had purchased the Softride for the trip). I think he'll be happy with the bike. I was feeling great when I got home, so I loaded up 19 month old Q in her trailer and pulled her into the center of Herndon.

We got some bread at the Great Harvest Bread Company. Q loves going for rides in her trailer and even tries to pull her bike out of the garage whenever the garage door is open, but I'm not taking any chances breaking her in early; after bread, we went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream. Let's hope Pavlov was right. Bicycle = bread + Ice Cream.

Sunday was a beautiful day for a ride and I took my time riding into Bonzai Sports, I had to open the shop. Its really tough riding 20 miles, standing around for 5 hours and then riding another 20 miles. The legs need a lot of time to warm up again.


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Bill Wohl:
Lou. You are one sick puppy! You rode in NY. Being born and raised there. It is definitely a War Zone. I'm glad you survived. When are you going to Minne? We will be there on the 27th. Hope to ride the course 27, 28, 29. Have Course Map and info if you need ?
Can You Ride 1 K?
Is that a joke?
Bill Wohl
Team AZ
Team USA

2004-04-30 17:13
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