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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I've been tapering for a little over a week already for the TT. I've been making lots and lots of lists. I have a little list that I'll tape to my bars with my planned rest stop mileages and times. I've got lists for what I need to do for the next couple of days. I'd like to thank Mark at Bonzai Sports for loaning me a ZIPP 404 front wheel.

(insert commercial here) If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, visit Bonzai Sports March 6th for the 8th Annual Quintana Roo Roadshow(end commercial)

Now I have two ZIPP 404 front wheels and I have a 404 rear and Zipp Disk rear. I will also have my Campy Neutrons as spare wheels and Mavic Open Pros on my Litespeed Vortex which is coming along as a backup. Murphy's law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong unless you're carrying a spare.

I've been rehearsing the event in my mind twice a day for several days now. I do it right before bed and when I wake up in the morning. I see myself pedalling along at my target pace and my HRM is pegged at the top of my aerobic zone. Sometimes I imagine the wind has kicked up(just in case) and my HRM is above aerobic, but below lactate threshold and then I turn downwind and my HR drops back into the aerobic zone. Sometimes I see myself on the Raceway (Where the 24 hour racers will complete the race) and I'm pedalling at the target pace in my aerobic zone and following the course around and around.

Well, I have to go for a short ride and then glue a tubular on my disk, so my next report will be after the TT.


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